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June 22, 2002
Volume 1, Issue 1
Inside This Issue:

Put In

Those of us who live, guide or boat in northern Maine all summer long generally rely on the river for entertainment... (read the rest of this story) (by Nick Callanan)

First Descents

A section devoted to boaters telling stories of virgin river runs

Kennebec Gorge

After nearly drowning myself learning how to roll, I was ready to begin my paddling career... (read the rest of this story) (by Amy Leppo)


Every issue we ask a local boater to review a piece of whitewater gear

The Dagger Centrifuge

Arthur Dickey has paddled for 3 years in 7 states. His family has owned a camp on ... (read the rest of this story) (with Arthur Dickey)

Small, Shallow Thoughts

Nick Callanan attempts to amuse you

Why can't we be friends?

So after guiding Kennebec and Penobscot raft trips for three summers Iíve finally mustered the balls... (read the rest of this story) (by Nick Callanan)

Unexplored Territory

Part one in a series on remote canoe expeditions by G.W. Martin

For those of you who think that there is no place on earth that can be called "Unexplored Territory," you are wrong... (read the rest of this story) (by G.W. Martin)

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