You Wanted to Be A Farmer

On January 19, 2012 No Umbrella Media and the Sap Pail took a field trip to Blue Hill to talk with local people directly affected by the food security issues surrounding a recent State of Maine lawsuit against Blue Hill farmers Dan and Judy Brown. Here is the video we made from that trip (special thanks to The Toughcats for music).

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For some background on this issue, read No Umbrella Media’s blog post on it here.

8 responses to “You Wanted to Be A Farmer”

  1. Mary Baird Leighton

    Thank you ….! This is video is well done….DISAPPOINTMENT ….in the FOUL SYSTEMS IN PLACE….very ‘disturbing’….IMPORTANT TO ‘LINK ‘arm to arm’….TO FIRE THE ‘bullies’ WITHIN THE SYSTEM…..poison power…..must END!~greed of the few….IS CRIMINAL!~thankyou SMALL FAMILY Farms…and ‘farmers’….thanks for ‘OUR DAILY BREAD’….’INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY’… the WAY TO GROW….HEALTHFULLY….bye bye BIG CORPORATE…’farmers’….YOUR DONE!!!

  2. Abe

    I’ve also hate being called a consumer. My old Webster defines it as
    “Some one or something that destroys, wastes, or uses up something”.
    Sounds more like the deffinition of the Federal government to me more than anything.
    I’ve been organic gardening for 18+ years now. I share with my neighbors, which intern give me wild game in return. Plus I get all there yard waste from 1/2 the block to make compost. I make a half dozen or less trips a year to the grocery store now. Years ago I would spend $250.00+ a month on food. Now it’s about $350.00 every 3 months or so.

  3. Alissa

    Thanks for sharing! Will pass this along to my circles and will be praying at the Browns’ situation. Long live ____, and live long!

  4. Doris Kelsey

    I’ve been hearing this for my entire 60+ years. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. The USDA put my farther and g-father out of the dairy business with these and other (more stupid regulations) back in the 50s. There were hundreds of thousands more dairy farmers then and they couldn’t buck the system. What makes these people think they can? No one came to the aid of my father. Ain’t no one gonna help these people out either.

  5. C

    “Food for Maine’s Future: You wanted to be a farmer…” This won’t play. Just looks like it is loading and never does. Help!

  6. Henry W. Miller

    Thanks, many times over!! Henry

  7. Carol

    I believe that the only thing that will save us from Agri-business and the state and federal government that does their bidding are small, local farmers. Put farmers back on the land and let them do the work they love (most of the time) – we will have much more wholesome food, our health will be better and our environment might start to recover.

    I grew up in the 50s and 60s drinking raw milk everyday and lived to tell about it. How can that be? Listening to the government, that stuff will make you very ill or even kill you! I am much more afraid of “food” on a grocery store shelf that is so highly processed and dyed that it practically glows in the dark!!

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