Buy the Sap Pail Pipeline Series DVD: Now We’re Cookin’ for $8.99

If there is a doorway to the new world, its key may very well be found in Waldo County, Maine. Be led into the life and works of Sap Pail publisher G.W. Martin, and his family’s small farm. Thought provoking, healthy and real this film is an inspiring testament of change.

Modeled after the Sap Pail Resource, a popular seven years young Waldo County magazine that promotes sustainable living and independent lifestyles. Now We’re Cookin’ is one for the archives. Featuring wood cookstove tips, rabbit hunting, runnersledding, rural humor, live music, a working team of mules and more. Local flavor seeps from the screen like sap from the spile on a warm March morning. With HD quality and insightful ingredients, the Sap Pail & No Umbrella Media have lit a fire sure to spread.

Watch the trailer to the 8-part DVD here:

YouTube Preview Image

4 responses to “Buy the Sap Pail Pipeline Series DVD: Now We’re Cookin’ for $8.99”

  1. Dawson

    well…I’m sold.

  2. matt harriman

    i always knew you’d make the big time G.W., you ol’ salt.

  3. Duan Jeweet

    What happened to the Mag !!! you fell of the face of the earth !!!!

    1. Sap Pail

      Thanks for the comment Duane… It has been a busy summer. There will be another issue of both the print and the video coming along soon. Hope you are good.