No Umbrella Media is a video production company, based in Portland, Maine

The name No Umbrella comes from the old newsprint outdoor rag that Nick Callanan (and Kristen Kaiser!) used to publish back in the day: “No Umbrella – A Reader for River People” published its first issue of outdoor-inspired writing and photography on June 22, 2002 in The Forks, Maine.

Then, in 2007, after 37 issues and 80,000 total copies, Nick made the difficult – but obvious – decision to cease publication. The internet – not to mention the recession – had arrived in central Maine and small newspapers were toast.

Fast forward to a beautiful fall day in 2009: Nick and Nick were kayaking at Steep Falls on the Saco River. Nick B. – who at this point had been working in video for 10 years – starts talking about making outdoor video content for the audience of No Umbrella. So they did. And it was fun and challenging. Within weeks, they were hired to make three different promo videos. From there it was game on.


At No Umbrella Media, our clients hire us to build video tools. We work with clients to understand all project elements: genre, messaging, audience, versions, channels, timeline, budget, personnel, resources, regulations and other nuanced factors.

We have experience producing and directing: documentaries, event coverage (including concert Blu-ray, weddings, awards ceremonies, keynote addresses), presentation tools, product videos, journalism-style video packages, many outcome-based web videos (recruitment, event promotion, crowd-funding), digital campaign tools, and plenty of other weird projects.

We hope our work speaks for itself and we pride ourselves on being professional, responsive, and easy to work with. If you’d like to talk about your video idea, please reach out at

Nick Callanan
Producer / Client Relations / Co-owner

Nick C. has a background in journalism and has won multiple Maine Press Association awards. He is a long-suffering Detroit Pistons fan and likes stacking his wood in circles.

Nicholas Bowie-Haskell
Director of Photography / Editor / Co-Owner

Nick B. has been telling stories with video for over 20 years. His work has appeared in major motion pictures and family vacation videos. When he’s not working in film, he travels all around North America and the Caribbean with his family of 6. Nick B. is also a certified white water guide, wilderness first responder, and ski patroller.

Andrew Burgess
Editor / Videographer

Andrew is a Maine native who grew up filming everything he could. He left town to earn his Journalism degree, but is excited to be back home and bringing the stories of his beloved community to life.